Cleaning Products For Deep Cleaning A Flat

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What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is the process of ensuring that an area is thoroughly cleaned to an exceptionally high standard. One of the most common times this is required is when it comes to moving into or out of a flat. If you are moving out of a flat then you need to ensure that the property is cleaned appropriately so that you get your deposit back and a good reference.

Deep cleaning a flat when moving in is often necessary, from a landlord point of view to make your premises appealing to anyone that would be looking to move in, as well as those moving in wanting to ensure that the flat has been deep cleaned for their own peace of mind.

Therefore it is important to have the right cleaning supplies for deep cleaning a flat, in order to ensure that it is both clean and hygienic – thus it will be appealing and pleasant to live in.

What Cleaning Supplies Are Needed For Deep Cleaning A Flat

When it comes to deep cleaning a flat then it is a good idea to have a good range of high quality cleaning supplies to hand, in order to make sure that a thorough job can be done. These Include:

–          Micro Fibre Cloths – in terms of their cleaning and hygiene properties, Microfibre cloths are the best ones that you can get your hands on. The way that these are constructed means that dirt is trapped between layers stopping dirt and grime going from one area to another. Alongside this, these layers mean that bacteria are trapped so that you don’t cause contamination of other areas.

–          Quality Cleaning Chemicals – there are going to be a lot of different cleaning supplies you need for a deep clean, different rooms and surfaces will require a range of different chemicals, such as multi surface cleaner, hard surface cleaner, carpet cleaner if there are carpets; bleach and drain cleaner to ensure that pipe work and drains are hygienic and don’t have foul smells.

–          Gloves – gloves of one form or another are important for your personal protection as some of the chemicals that are involved with a deep clean can have a dangerous reaction to a person’s skin. Different gloves are available to suit different skin types, or to protect against stronger cleaning chemicals.

–          Mop and Bucket – a mop and bucket is an important part of this process, as there will be a lot of floors that need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially in a property that has hard wood flooring. In the deep clean process this is best left until last as there will be areas that will get spills and dust on them in the process.

This list is by no means comprehensive, however it has some of the very basic things you will need. One way to make a deep clean easier is to get into a routine of cleaning as you go, so that when it comes to moving out of somewhere then there is less to do.

You need to remember to do things such as empty your cupboards and clean them out, clean the oven out and defrost the freezer when doing a deep clean, so that it is usable from the outset for the next users.