Christmas with the Aliens: Unconventional Nativity Play Ideas

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Choosing a Nativity Play

The nativity play is a traditional staple of the school year, and is a great chance for your pupils to show off what they can do in front of an audience. Different schools will have different ideas when it comes to choosing nativity play scripts. Some schools will prefer to go with the tried and tested traditional format, whereas others will choose something a little more different and out of the ordinary.

Traditional Nativity Plays

A traditional nativity play is one that focuses on the traditional biblical storyline of the original Christmas story. It outlines the traditional elements of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and the story of the first Christmas. In more Christian communities, a traditional nativity play may be the best option as it should suit the values of the children’s families. As a result, it is still a popular choice for a great number of schools.

New Ideas for Nativity Plays

As society becomes more diverse, a traditional Christian nativity may not be the right choice for all schools. More secular nativity play scripts might be called for in order to be more inclusive of all those involved.

Some unconventional nativity play ideas include:

–          Christmas with the Aliens – A revised version of the Christmas story featuring alien visitors on earth, who tell the story of a Christmas play to the rest of the universe because they enjoyed the meaning behind it so much.

–          Prickly Hay – Told from the perspective of an under-appreciated stable boy who finds himself in a key role in the nativity story. A good friend makes him realise his worth as he gets involved with the excitement of the first Christmas.

–          Hey Ewe! – Told from the point of view of a curious and excitable sheep, this nativity play script is full of catchy songs and parts that will get pupils involved and that they will enjoy performing.

Which is the Best Nativity Play Script for My Students?

Depending on the community within which your school is based and the demographic of your pupils, you should choose a nativity play that is inclusive of as many students as possible.

The nativity play is an opportunity for your students to learn some new skills and perform in front of both their friends and family. If you are based in a more traditional community, where the majority of students are from a Christian background, a traditional nativity play may be the way to go.

Those living in more diverse communities may be better suited to a less conventional nativity play, such as Christmas with the Aliens or one that tells the story from the point of view of a minor character like an animal or stable boy.

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