Christmas Retail Shelving Solutions – A Three Step Guide

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Christmas Shelving Ideas For Retailers

With The Christmas period approaching, now is the time to get your store in order to drive sales and boost your profits. However rather than spending a large amount of your budget on short term plans yearly, one option would be impulse display standsto devise a more clearly refined plan, in order to make sure that your store is geared up to maximise profit all year round, with the ability to maximise certain points of your store easily with interchangeable or mobile displays and shelving.

Three Step Guide To Christmas Profitability Through Shelving Solutions             

In terms of shelving solutions here is a three step process to ensure that you are ready and prepared for any eventuality that one of the busiest, if not the busiest period of the year has bring.

These steps are:

–          Play To Your Stores Strengths – this involves taking what you already have in place in terms of long term store planning and then making minor tweaks to your shelving and layout in order to maximise your stores profitability during busy periods. Extensive research into shopper behaviour has shown that consumers are likely to shop for gifts nearer to home and on a more impulsive basis than in the past due to the way people’s lives have changed and got busier.

By making use of impulse shelving and positioning seasonal goods in the vicinity of goods that they compliment, then you are likely to boost your sales and revenue by

–          Build On These Strengths – take what you are good at and then find a way to improve on this. Make life more convenient and easier for your customers to find what they want with improved and more logical layout and more inviting retail shelving solutions. Taking your basic well selling items such as fresh produce and baked goods, and using specially built bakery shelving and fruit and vegetable shelving is the ideal solution.

This means that your goods are presented well, kept fresh and secure and therefore are even more appealing to your customers; which should encourage further sales as well as making their retail journey more enjoyable

–          Develop New Strengths – adding additional services that make life easier for your customers is a way to ensure that they see you as an essential port of call. The more convenient that your business is, the more you can boost your revenue by offering additional services to your core retail aspect under the same roof.

Taking an example from the One Stop chain of stores, the addition of a post office local has proved to be a revolutionary addition as it allows for customers to be able to get the necessary items they need from their shop alongside  their regular convenience items. By bringing things under one roof then you make your store have far more appeal and more use to more people.

Maximising Christmas Profitability

The most important thing other than ensuring that your store has a lay out and shelving that is easy for your customers to navigate, is to make sure you do your research. You need to stock the produce that people want and need, so look into the demographics and other indicators of who your clientele in the local area are, as you are less likely to sell as much fresh produce in a student population; or sell a lot of cheap ready meals and so on in more affluent areas.