Christmas Assemblies For Primary Schools

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With December drawing ever closer, there’s a real buzz in the air as children start to look forward to their holidays. Christmas assemblies for primary schools are a great way to begin the day in the run-up to the festive period, helping them celebrate as part of a wider learning experience.

To ensure that this excitement doesn’t turn to restlessness, it’s important to keep things fresh from one year to the next. These three Christmas assemblies for primary schools offer up a whole host of tried and tested ideas, which can be tailored to suit Christian and secular establishments alike.

Christmas Assemblies For Primary Schools

1.       Carol Singing

Singing songs in assembly is an excellent way to help children consolidate new information in an way that is both enjoyable and accessible, whilst also setting them up them up for the day ahead.

Christmas assemblies for primary schools - songsTry interspersing classic Christmas carols with contemporary songs that they’re unlikely to have heard before. Find fun, engaging children’s Christmas songs that convey poignant messages about life, either from a Christian or secular perspective. Top and tail each one with a brief teaching to ensure that these messages are taken on board.

2.       Short Christmas Play / Sketch

Getting your class to perform a short Christmas play or sketch in assembly is a great way to boost their confidence, especially if they are also taking part in the annual school play later on in the month.

DIY NativitySpend an hour or so writing a brief sketch, getting the kids involved and incorporating a couple of key props if you wish. It needn’t be anything particularly fancy, and there’s no need for them to learn any lines – the experience will still be valuable, both for your class and the rest of the school. If you’re short of time, this DIY Nativity book will give you plenty of ideas.

3.       Raising Awareness

If traditional-style Christmas assemblies for primary schools are not appropriate for your school, or you would simply prefer to take this opportunity to raise awareness about important issues, a PHSE-led approach might be more in order.

Children of the WorldIncorporate imagery, props and actions to get children thinking abstractly. Christian Aid has some good pre-prepared assemblies of this nature, like ‘Gifts for Life’, an interactive teaching that encourages children to consider the significance of gift-giving in relation to comparative wealth. Another idea is to conduct an assembly about what Christmas is like around the world.

These timeless Christmas assemblies for primary schools might seem simple, but there are infinite ways in which they can be adapted, expanded and improved upon. It’s just about keeping things fresh and selecting new teachings, songs and props from one year to the next to keep children on their toes.

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