Choosing The Right Retail Shop Shelving For Your Store

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If you own or are involved in the management of a shop of any kind then you will be aware of the importance of presenting your goods in a way that maximises the space that is available; but in a fashion that doesn’t over crowd or damage the goods. The layout also has to be one that allows for an easy customer journey and experience.

Free Standing Shelving Or Wall Mounted Shelving?

One question is whether to use free standing shelving or wall mounted shelving. Free standing shelving is ideally suited to areas with plenty of space; giving customers space to move freely and browse in a relaxed manner. However as a retailer it also allows you a little bit of control over the flow of the traffic in your store. Wall mounted shelving is the ideal option when it comes to making the most of a limited amount of space; so that you don’t compromise on the amount

Grid Walls Or Slat Walls For Shelving?impulse display stands

Grid walls are a form of retail shop shelving made from wire. This gives you a large amount of flexibility when it comes to the way that you set up your shelving. Wire in a grid format means that you can move shelves into any position that suits you and the produce you sell. Furthermore, this means you can add as many rails and hooks as you wish.

Slat walls mean that you can adjust the height of your shelving and use fixed panels and indented slats to slide your shelves into. Grid walls keep your shelves secure via by attaching brackets to the wire grid structure.

Slat walls tend to look a little more professional as they are often made from wood, providing a clean and modern look. These suit a range of shops and retail businesses as they look great and have an element of practicality due to the adjustability. Grid walls are better for more wholesale or heavy duty settings as there is a lot more durability with these shelves; as well as the additional benefit of manoeuvrability.

What Material Should My Shelving Be Made Out Of?

Retail shelving can be constructed form a range of materials, which can include glass; metal wood or wire. Metal and wire shelving is suited to businesses that need to stock heavy duty goods; whereas suing glass and wood is better suited to businesses where aesthetics are more important that the strength of the shelving.

Glass shelving also gives you the option to add illuminating lighting in order to really make your products look special and stand out to the consumer. This is often done with back lighting or with up lighting; and provides a unique illumination that emphasises the product you have on display.

The Right Shelving Solution For Your Store

Whatever shop display system or retail shelving solution you choose, you need to take into consideration the amount of space your business has to work with and the kind of products you are selling, in order to tailor your shelving to get the best out of these, and to provide the consumer with the best possible retail experience so that they come back again.