Choosing The Right Mobility Aids

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What Are Mobility Aids?

In a country that has an aging population, there is a need to help those who’s mobility is deteriorating. One way to do this, is to encourage the use of mobility aids that can help them to maintain their independence and dignity. Mobility aids cover a range of items of equipment which are designed to make the user’s life easier by providing support for them to get from a to b.

Making use of mobility aids means that there is less of a need for support from those in the care industry allowing for a sense of independence and therefore also meaning that these resources can be used for other issues.

Types  Of Mobility Aid

Some of the options available when it comes to mobility aids include:

–          Mobility Scooter – one of the most commonly used mobility aids, is the mobility scooter. A mobility scooter is a versatile method of transport that you don’t require a licence for. They are especially useful for those who wouldn’t have the upper body strength or mobility to operate a manual wheelchair. A mobility scooter runs on battery power, and they tend to be relatively affordable as an option in terms of mobility aids

–          Wheelchairs – these can be either powered or manual mobility aids, and they are designed to help the user have more freedom, however they are often also suited just for shorter distances with the help of a carer. An electric wheelchair would be a better option to help encourage more freedom; whereas manual wheelchairs are suited to short distances, or when going on days out or if a hospital visit is required

–          Walking Frames – for those who have a little more mobility but require a little additional peace of mind, then a walking frame is a potential option. Walking frames can either be in the form of a Zimmer frame or a wheeled walker. These are designed to help give additional support to those that have less stability or are recovering from surgery or a condition.

–          Walking Sticks – A walking stick is a good way to help those that just need an additional safety net when it comes to helping someone cope with recovering from an operation or to aid them with a longer term condition that isn’t too severe.

Which Is The Best Option In Terms Of Mobility Aids?mobility-scooters

Mobility aids covers a broad spectrum of areas, therefore it is important that you look at your needs when it comes to making a selection. Different people will have different requirements; and therefore it is best to discuss with those that are helping you with your rehabilitation as to what the best mobility aids for you will be in terms of moving forwards.

A mobility scooter is a good all purpose option that allows you to get from a to b in a dignified and independent manner, however this isn’t an option for everyone. Some people may only wish to use a walking aid such as a walking stick or walking frame – either for the purposes of worrying about the stigma some people still associate with disability; or simply because they are wishing to maintain an appearance of independence.