Choosing The Right Care Home Furniture

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What Care Home Furniture Do I Need For My Residents?

The care industry in the UK is a hugely lucrative market, this is being fueled by an aging population, which means that people are living longer, however they aren’t necessarily able to cope by themselves. One thing that will help you gain business, is by creating an environment in your care home that makes people feel comfortable and at home.

Care home furniture is one way in which you can help make your residents feel more relaxed and at home in their surroundings. Of course some people may have special requirements when it comes to how much mobility they have, and how easily they can do things such as getting up and down.

Care Home Furniture To Consider

Some care home furniture that you need to think carefully about when you’re refitting or starting from scratch with the business includes:

–          Chairs – in your communal rooms and in residents bedrooms, the chairs that you invest in are important care home furniture. A range of different varieties of chair may be needed, as different residents will have different physical requirements, for instance some may need help getting up so riser chairs could be needed. Others might need a little additional help with posture, and therefore you should look into furniture that will be suitable for aiding this.

–          Beds – in terms of care home furniture there are various types of bed that you might want to have in your care home. Some people may be recovering from operations or have chronic conditions, then profiling beds are the ideal solution. Others may require beds with pressure relief mattresses, if they lack the ability to get up and be as active. Furthermore some might be in need of waterproof mattresses and bedding due to the onset of incontinence.

–          Table and Chair Sets – in order to help create a feeling of community and to encourage your residents to interact with one another in the communal areas, it is a good idea to have a variety of options of tables and chairs, so that different seating arrangements can be achieved. These can be in the classic style, toughened to avoid damage or a safe rounded style to keep your clients safe from injury.

–          Bedroom Accessories – to make your patients feel more at ease and at home then it is a good idea to try and create a sense of normality, care home furniture such as wardrobes, chests of draws and bedside tables. These allow your clients to have their own sense of normality in their rooms and as such helps them feel more settled and comfortable in their surroundings.

–          Dementia Specific Products – some products are tailored with those with dementia taken into consideration. Special toilet seats, in order to try and maintain a sense of independence and dignity. Memory boxes are a great way for your staff to engage with the patients suffering from dementia, as they allow them to interact using important stimuli.

Deciding On The Right Care Home Furniture

When you are choosing your care home furniture, then you need to consider what kind of clientele you will be taking in as residents, in order to best tailor your business to suit them, and make the environment more comfortable.

If you will mainly be catering for people who suffer from dementia, then it is advisable to have furniture that is specifically tailored to keep dementia patients safe, with rounded edges in order to prevent physical harm. However if you are not dealing with people with specific high demand care needs, then having a range of care home furniture that makes your residents feel comfortable and welcome is a good idea, in order to make them feel as close to home as possible.