Choosing The Right Barware For Your Business

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Picking The Correct Bar Supplies For Your Bar

Whether you have a restaurant, pub or hotel to name but a few, having the correct barware available will make the running of bar work much easier, as well as allowing you to serve drinks with a classy professional look.

Bar supplies cover a wide range of areas, from things such as napkins and straws to aid with presentation. Alongside this, it is important to have the right cleaning products on hand, to ensure that your glasses are clean, beer lines are kept in the best possible condition if you have draught beer and having the right products to keep your fridges and other well seen areas looking at their best. The bar is not the only place that needs to be clean, having a clean cellar and clean public areas is also important.Cleaning Products

What Bar Supplies Do I Need?

There are a whole variety of Bar Supplies available to make life behind the bar easier, some of these include:

–          Microfiber Cloths – if you like be environmentally conscious and not use disposable products, then it is widely considered that microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning due to their durability, but also their makeup means that they trap bacteria as opposed to spreading it from surface to surface

–          Beer Line Cleaner – if you have draught beer, then it is important that you keep it in good condition in the cellar. However you also need to keep your beer lines in the best condition using beer line cleaner, in order to prevent unpleasant build up in the lines which will affect the quality of your product.

–          Disposable Napkins – When dealing with the public, these are an important accessory to have readily available. If you are running a bar or hotel bar, then some classic small black napkins may be ideal, if you have a restaurant, then it could be that you can get napkins to match the colour scheme that you have in place. Disposable napkins will save you time and effort as otherwise a lot of washing would be required and reusable napkins will fade and discolour over time.

–          Straws and Stirrers – although not to everyone’s taste for long drinks these add a finishing touch to the appearance of your product. If you run somewhere that is family oriented then coloured straws appear to children and can also help avoid mess! Stirrers allow your customers to mix their drinks if you are serving a spirit and mixer

–          Renovate – Nobody likes to drink from a glass that is stained and has marks from a lot of usage, it is important that you keep them in top condition, using Renovate Glass Detergent you can keep your glasses in the best condition and in tandem with your regular glasswasher detergent your glasses should sparkle

–          MultiSurface Cleaner – This is important, as you need to keep all your surfaces clean and germ free, it can double up for cleaning the rest of your premises too. The drinks you make are often sticky due to their ingredients, so it is best to have something that can cut through this and keep things clean and hygienic.


Are There Any Other Bar Supplies I Need?

This list is by no means everything you would need, different bars have different amounts of space, and different businesses will have some advantages over others, for example if you have your bar near the restaurant kitchen you can ask them nicely to chop lemons and limes for you thus saving you time and space.

One of the best tips is to ensure that your back bar area is tidy and clutter free, in order to allow you to keep working quickly in busy periods so that you don’t have trouble finding things or have things getting the way. It is also best to clean as you go wherever possible, as a lot of things that may get spilled are sticky and it makes life easier to keep on top of things.