Choosing The Right Bar Supplies Part Two

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When working or running a bar, then it is important that you deliver the product to the customer in a way that means that it is well presented and suits the drink you are making. Bar supplies cover a wide range of items – from the items that you use to keep the bar in good order and looking presentable; to the bar supplies that you use to provide a perfect serve every time.

Having the right bar supplies in terms of the products that you use is important on all levels. Choosing the drinks that suit the clientele you serve is important in order to suit your target market. However it is also important that when you serve a drink you serve it in a way that looks good and makes it appealing, as well as ensuring that it tastes good.

Choosing Your Bar Supplies

Some of the important areas you need to consider when choosing your bar supplies include:retractable awnings

–          Glassware – this is one of the most important aspects of choosing your bar supplies, as you need to have the appropriate glassware to present your drinks to the customer. Different drinks require specific glassware, for example some lagers are best served in nucleated glasses to keep them lively, whereas different wines have different properties that suit different glasses – champagne needs to be a flute glass for example and certain red wines need a bigger glass to allow them to breathe.

–          Napkins – napkins are an important consideration when you are choosing your bar supplies. A lot of bars tend to go for the traditional small black cocktail napkins as a way to compliment the look of the drink that they are serving. However if you are a more food based bar, or you have a restaurant then you may want to choose napkins that suit the decor of the restaurant or to compliment the crockery that you use.

–          Straws – depending on the environment that you are operating in, straws are one of the important bar supplies. Different types of establishments will have different needs. For example the sort of bar or pub that caters for families will have more use for brightly coloured straws that will keep children amused. A more high end cocktail bar however, will look better if drinks are served with a small and subtle black straw, that allows the drinker to be discrete about using one.

–          Stirrers – although not always necessary, a stirrer can help to achieve the right look for a drink. These are best suited to cocktails, and other drinks that involve spirits. However alongside this they may also be suited to faux cocktails for children to allow them to feel more grown up and enjoy their time in the establishment more.

Other Bar Supplies You May Consider

Alongside the aforementioned bar supplies, it is wise to have the appropriate bar tools to hand to help you achieve the right results. For example you need an appropriate chopping board for dicing fruit and preparing ingredients. Having the right ice for different drinks is also a wise idea, as some cocktails work better with crushed ice.

Having a good quality bar blade will allow you to to be prepared to open a range of bottles and other items, meaning that you can get your job done quickly and efficiently!