Choosing The Right Bar Supplies – Part One

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Picking Bar Supplies

When it comes to running a bar, whether solely in the terms of being a bar or pub; a bar in a hotel or just the drinks area for dispensing to your customers in a restaurant; then it is important to be prepared with the right bar supplies.

Bar supplies are the things that a good bar requires to run at it’s best, both in terms of making the life of those working it easier, the customer experience and ensuring that the hygiene standards of the facilities are upto scratch. Bar supplies is a very broad area and depending on what it is you do with your bar, then the actual bar supplies will differ from business and as such you need to choose the most relevant one’s for you

What Bar Supplies Do I Need?

Some of the items that every bar is advised to have no matter the function can include:

–          Renovate Glass Sanitiser – this is one of the most important things that a bar can invest in, as it is an important factor in ensuring that your glassware is looking its best. This is important in whatever bar setting you are involved in. Restaurants will want their wine glasses on the tables looking as clean as possible. All bars should also endeavour to make sure that their customers have a pleasant experience with their beverage and aim for immaculately clean glasses.

–          Glass washer Cleaner – alongside your renovate, you would be well advised to make sure that your glasswasher is also clean and hygienic as this is an area where grime can build up and glasses can come out smelling unpleasant or streaky.

–          Sanitiser – one problem you can be faced with when working on a bar is spillage. This can present a further issue mas due to the nature of the drinks involved these are often sticky, so if you don’t get them cleaned up quickly you can develop an unwelcome sticky area. Sanitiser will clean the area and also help to keep this area hygienic, meaning bacteria cannot breed here.

–          Micro Fibre Cloths – when it comes to cleaning down, in terms of bars and the areas where your customers are, then a microfiber cloth is one of the best possible options. These cloths are durable as well as being made in a way that will trap grime and stop the spread of bacteria by trapping it between the fibres, meaning there is less chance of infection.

Tips For Productive Use Of Bar Supplies

In terms of cleaning your bar area and other prep areas, one important tip to bear in mind is how helpful it is to clean as you go. This ensures that your bar area doesn’t need to much heavy duty cleaning at the end of a shift but it also makes the risk of bacteria growing less; and contamination of other drinks through spillage is less likely. This is a safe practice to avoid accidents such as slippage.

Another best practice to employ; is that when you have quieter periods of the day, then utilise these for getting your staff to get essential cleaning tasks done, such as renovating glassware, using glass cleaner on fridges and other surfaces, in order to give the best impression to customers.