Choosing Retail Cleaning Companies: A 5 Minute Guide

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A clean premises makes for an attractive retail environment, keeping your customers and staff happy and ensuring compliance with the health and safety regulations. However, with so many retail cleaning companies out there, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one would be best for your business. This handy five-minute guide will talk you through exactly what you need to look for in your retail cleaning services.

Do Your Research

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First of all, find out who the company’s clients are and check for testimonials on their website, or alternatively ask the company for a relevant reference. If they have high-profile clients, especially within your industry, you can be certain that their retail cleaning services are to be trusted. Make sure you choose a specialised retail cleaning company or one that has staff who have been specifically trained in this area, such as this one.

Interviewing Retail Cleaning Companies

When interviewing retail cleaning contractors, ask who will be managing the daily cleaning duties within your premises. You will need to have a clear line of communication open with the manager to ensure that everything is done to a professional standard and to enable you to report any problems should they occur.

You should also check that the retail cleaning services the company provides are in line with your business’s requirements. Do they have the facilities to clean your carpets or buffer your floors? Will they wash your windows, dust your stock etc.?

Your retail cleaning company should have access to good prices on all of their speciality cleaning products. If you plan to split the work with them, enquire about any savings that can be made in this area.

As retail cleaning companies need have full access to your premises, you must also make sure that they screen their staff rigorously. This will help ensure that your business is protected against potential security and data protection risks.

If you need the cleaning company to be available in cases of accident or emergency, find out what their response times are. Can they respond to a critical situation within the appropriate time?

Finally, check over the contract for a get-out clause, vital in the event that you should experience a problem with the company. You shouldn’t have to sign a 90-day or annual contract; a 30-day written notice period is acceptable.

By following this guide you can be sure that the company you choose to carry out your retail cleaning will be professional and effective.

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