Choosing A First Aid Kit

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The Importance Of  A First Aid Kit

When it comes to ensuring the well being of staff in a workplace environment, children in a school or the safety of your family at home; then a first aid kit is an important investment. A first aid kit provides you with the basic equipment to deal with minor injuries. A first aid kit is the first line of treatment.

What Should A First Aid Kit Contain?

A first aid kit is designed to help provide quick and effective relief from pain and injuries, therefore it is important to have the right equipment to hand to deal with a range of situations,. First aid kits can either be purchased readymade, or you can create your own using individual items. Some of the core components should include:

–          Plasters – plasters are an important item for a first aid kit, as they help to stem the flow of any blood loss, as well as keeping wounds dry clean and infection free. Plasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as being available in a strip where you can cut your own to suit the purpose.

–          Bandages – bandages are another essential part of the first aid kit, as they can alleviate a range of purposes, such as supporting a limb or body part, or combining with a splint to add support. Applying pressure using a bandage can help stem the flow of blood during a serious injury.

–          Gloves – having medical quality gloves is important, in order to protect yourself and the person that you are administering care to. Gloves can come in a range of options, depending on your requirements, for instance some people are allergic to latex, or some people prefer powdered gloves.

–          Eye Dressing – eye dressings are an important part of the first aid kit as eyes need to be cared for quickly and carefully due to their delicate nature. Appropriately dressing the eye before getting to medical attention is the most important thing to prioritise.

–          Burn Relief Dressing – for those working in areas such as kitchens or other forms of catering, then burns are a potentially big risk, therefore for burns that are manageable then it is important to have burn relief.

Choosing The Right First Aid Kit

When it comes to choosing a first aid kit, it is important that you select one that is appropriate for your needs. For example a catering business will have a different requirement in terms of first aid kit than an office based business. In a kitchen environment there is a greater risk of burns from ovens, or cuts from knives and other utensils. An office environment is often less hazardous from flesh wounds and as such can have a broader spectrum, of supplies. Children are often likely to get a variety of cuts bruises and sprains during play time, and as such a school first aid kit needs to be tailored to accommodate these potential injuries.