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8 Benefits of School Songs

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The early learning stages are crucially important for the development of a child’s education. Learning in these years needs to be fun and engaging in order to stay in their young minds! School songs that are usually used in assemblies are a great learning technique, that benefit our children in numerous ways. Take a look at these top benefits of school songs and how they develop you child’s knowledge considerably! 1) Tuneful Teamwork In a classroom environment, teamwork is key. School songs within a classroom help young children learn the…read more

Easter Assembly Ideas for Primary Schools

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If you’re looking to conduct a school assembly this Easter, look no further. These Easter assembly ideas for primary schools include links to a variety of carefully chosen scripts, songbooks and resources for KS1 and KS2 to help you find the perfect songs and readings for your school. Easter Assembly Songs for Children Singing is always a great way to kick-start an assembly and help everyone reflect on what they have learned at the end. Find two or three catchy Easter songs to coincide with your readings, with a good…read more

Chocolate-Free Easter Songs for Children

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Songs that Convey the Christian Message Behind the Easter Story Song plays a crucial role in complementing the lessons that we learn from the Bible. Few of us will have grown up without the hymns, psalms and carols that help us to reflect on our spiritual teachings in church and in school. And yet, where Christian Easter songs for children are concerned, the options become pretty limited. Where can you find childrens’ songs that tell the Easter story, without the chocolates, eggs and bunnies that pervade popular culture? The good news is, there are…read more

Quick and Easy Christmas Play Ideas

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What to Do if You’ve Left Your Christmas Play Until the Last Minute No matter how much anticipation there might be for the annual Christmas play, the last minute panic is inevitable. But if you think you might have left it too late, think again. These quick and easy Christmas play ideas will help you put on a nativity at your school or church – even if you’ve only left yourself a few weeks.


Top 6 Ideas for Primary School Leavers Assemblies

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How to Conduct a Primary School Leavers Assembly that is Fun, Moving and Memorable Choosing a suitable theme for your primary school leavers assembly can be tough. It should provide leavers with a bank of positive memories and enable them to progress to the next stage with confidence. It should facilitate what can be a rather emotional transition without being too heavy. This post summarises some of the best ideas for primary school leavers assemblies I have found, enabling you to conduct a leavers assembly that is happy yet moving;…read more


Musical Warm Ups for Primary School Children

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Using Musical Activities to Get Your Class in Gear Effective learning requires enthusiasm, motivation and focus. Unfortunately, there are bound to be times when your class just isn’t feeling it. Morning blues, post-lunch fatigue and pre-home time anticipation can all cause children to become disinterested and irritable. These musical warm ups for primary school children will help engage them mentally and physically, enabling them to concentrate better on the teaching material in hand.


Teaching Children about Space

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Using Space Songs for Children as Part of the Learning Experience Since it is such a huge concept, teaching children about space can be quite a tricky thing to have to do. It’s especially difficult with primary school children, who are still young and developing and may not really grasp the idea of things existing outside their hometown, let alone our planet.