Children’s Songs for Spring

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Sing into Spring with these Song Ideas for the New Season

Singing is a great way for children to celebrate the changing of the seasons and learn something new along the way. Whether you’re seeking children’s songs for spring as a teacher or parent, these ideas will help you find the perfect tune for every occasion.

Songs About the Changing Seasons

After a long, harsh winter, the emergence of spring is exactly what is needed to boost children’s spirits in preparation for the Easter holidays and beyond. The clocks go forward, making the days feel longer and the nights shorter, and the weather becomes brighter, bringing with it a sense of rejuvenation, regrowth and renewal.

For children, this transformation signals a welcome end to those miserable, dark evenings spent stuck indoors and the advent of many happy months playing outside with friends. Singing songs about spring can enhance these positive feelings whilst helping them learn about the cultural customs associated with this time of year.

Children's songs for springA Spring Thing is an extensive compilation of children’s songs for spring, covering everything from the clocks going forward and the April showers to more general topics relating to nature and new life. It comes with an audio CD containing vocal and backing tracks to create a useful musical resource for teachers and parents alike.

Songs For Easter and Holy Week

Music is also a useful tool for teaching children about religious celebrations, and with Easter being the most important event in the Christian calendar, spring is the ideal time for spiritual and moral reflection. From Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to His crucifixion and resurrection on Easter weekend, Holy Week presents the perfect opportunity for children to learn more about His life and values.

S!ng EasterS!ng Easter contains a selection of thought-provoking songs that cleverly unpick the Easter story in a way that is enjoyable and accessible for children. These are balanced out with songs about chocolate, Easter bunnies and new life to help you celebrate Easter from both Christian and secular perspectives.

Other Important Dates in Spring

As well as singing about spring and Easter, you can also find children’s songs about Mother’s Day, May Day and many other cultural events and observances. Out of the Ark, an online supplier of musical resources for schools and nurseries, has created an exclusive song calendar to help teachers and parents find the ideal song for every occasion. This can be found here.

You can also browse children’s songs for spring and order online for delivery via their website.