Cast Iron Baths vs. Acrylic Baths

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The Differences Between A Cast Iron Bath and An Acrylic Bath

When you’re designing and fitting your bathroom, it’s important have an idea of what the best option for your bathroom would be and as such what the options available are in order for you to make an informed decision. Predominantly most baths on the market are acrylic baths, however there is a rising trend in the sales of cast iron baths. When you’re undertaking a bathroom redesign then the bath is often the centrepiece and as such you need to consider all your options.

What Are The Differences?double-ended-cast-iron-bath

–          Material – as the names suggest the two are made from different materials. Cast iron baths retain heat longer meaning the soaking element of bathing is likely to be extended in comparison due to cast iron being better at heat retention, thus meaning you don’t need to add more  water. However this means that the bath will take a little longer to warm up initially.

–          Strength – Cast iron baths are a lot more durable and damage resistant than baths made form acrylic – as such this means that they are less likely to get scuffed or scratched. However this strength comes at the price of the tub being heavy, and you should consider the strength of the floor in the room before you invest in one.

–          Looks – the biggest divide between an acrylic bath and a cast iron bath, is the stunning looks that a cast iron bath has. One of these baths would become the centrepiece of your bathroom and add style and class to the room. Using a cast iron bath as the focal point, you could create a stylish bathroom that would be the envy of your friends.

–          Cleaning – Cast Iron Baths are easy to clean, as they usually only require being left to soak with detergent and hot water and then quickly wiping down. If you keep on top of this regime, then they are much easier to maintain than acrylic baths which require stronger chemicals.

–          Individuality – cast iron baths are mostly custom made, with the additional benefit of being able to add your own taps and mixers, adding a sense of customisation to an already special products. This is in comparison to most acrylic baths being ‘off the shelf’ and as such more commonly seen.

Which is the best choice?

Depending on what you are looking for in a bath, then the choice is one that could split opinions. For those who want to add a unique touch of class to their bathroom and enjoy a more relaxed atmospheric soak, then a cast iron bath is a great investment. If you are willing to look past the larger outlay than you would get from a normal bath then they are worth looking into, especially as a stylish centrepiece bathroom will add value to your home.

A cast iron bath is a sound investment, and should the economy continue to recover as it currently is, then having stylish rooms will help boost the value of your home no end, and help you create a bathroom everyone in the family will love.