What Is The Difference Between A Cast Iron Bath and An Acrylic Bath?

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When it comes to bathroom design, the one of the most important decisions you have to make in terms of furniture and the centrepiece is what kind of bath to have in your bathroom. Baths come in all shapes and sizes as well as being available in a range of different materials. Two of the most popular options (as well as being two that are worlds apart from one another) are cast iron baths and acrylic baths.

The Differences Between Cast Iron Baths and Acrylic Bathssingle-ended-cast-iron-slipper-bath

Some of the differences between cast iron baths and acrylic baths include:

–          Strength – cast iron baths are stronger than acrylic baths; making them a lot harder to damage and scratch. Classic original cast iron baths are still in circulation and use as their resilience has meant they have stood the test of time. This is also good in terms of hygiene as the resilience means the bath is unlikely to crack which can provide somewhere for bacteria to grow.

–          Appearance – following on from the attributes of strength, this links in with the way in which the cast iron bath will also keep a ‘brand new’ appearance for longer, as it is difficult to damage.

–          Looks – in terms of attractiveness, a cast iron bath looks far superior to an acrylic bath, as it has spectacular curves that are a throwback to more opulent times; and therefore add an element of character and class to a whole host of bathrooms.

–          Heat retention – of the two styles of bath, cast iron can retain heat better due to the properties of metal; this means you don’t need to top up with hot water, nor do you need to use as much water. This is better for your energy bills and for the environment.

–          Cleaning – in terms of cleaning, cast iron baths are a lot easier to clean as they can simply be left to soak in hot water and a mild detergent and then wiped clean with a non abrasive cloth. Acrylic baths take more work and have a tendency for scum to form after use, which is less prevalent on a cast iron bath.

Which Is Better, A Cast Iron Bath Or An Acrylic Bath?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to bathroom design, as it is all down to individual preferences. Some people may favour the acrylic bath as they are more affordable and take a lot less planning.

However for those who want to have a luxurious bathing experience and to make their bathroom a place of relaxation and somewhere they like to spend a lot of time; then a cast iron bath may be the ideal choice. As cast iron baths can be suitable for bathrooms of all sizes, and those designed for a petite bathroom are often the same kind of price range as an acrylic bath.