Relaxing Bathrooms – Start With A Cast Iron Bath

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Make The Most Of Your Bathroom With A Cast Iron Bath

One of the most used rooms of a house is the bathroom. As it’s a room that gets used a lot, it’s important to put some time and effort in, in order to ensure that you manage to have a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. If your bathroom is an attractive relaxing place, not only will it make your household’s bathing experience’s more enjoyable, but adding some touches like a Cast Iron Bath and some Plantation shutters not only mean you can have a great experience, but should you decide the time is right to move on, having a great bathroom will be a huge selling point and add value to your home.cast-iron-bath

What Is A Cast Iron Bath?

As the title suggests, a cast iron bath, is a bath made from cast iron. Compared to a standard acrylic bath, these are hugely different. Cast iron baths tend to be extremely roomy, meaning that there is more room to have a long relaxing soak and also that you can put in more water than you would in an acrylic bath.

Additionally, the way that the cast iron bath is made up, means that it will retain heat a lot longer. This is beneficial in two ways as it allows you to prolong your soaking experience, and also means that in the long term you use less water, as you don’t have to keep topping your bath off to keep it warm.

The freestanding capacity that a cast iron bath provides, means that it can be placed in a range of positions, and you could have a cast iron bath as a relaxing feature of a master bedroom, in order to have the ultimate luxury experience. Being easily customisable with taps and standpipes, or the type of feet and base you choose is a hugely desirable feature.

Creating The Ideal Relaxing Bathroom

Here are a number of potential features that will help create a truly luxurious relaxing bathroom experience in any home:

–          Cast Iron Bath – as mentioned above, this is the ultimate bathing experience and will really add to your bathroom. The additional time and space that you will have to bathe and relax makes a cast iron bath the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

–          Plantation Shutters – as winter is approaching and the world outside gets greyer and the weather less pleasant, then plantation shutters are ideal for a bathroom, as they allow you ultimate control over the light. Add in some fragranced candles and there will be a very peaceful relaxing bathing experience.

–          Cast Iron Radiator – if you’re going for the ultimate in relaxation, it’s a great idea to have a warm cosy bathroom. Cast iron radiators help to add an extra element of heat to the room, as well as complimenting the traditional look of the room.

–          Colour Scheme – Pick a colour scheme that is relaxing for the roam, so for example sea foam green and aqua blue, or deep purple and lavender work well as relaxing colours. The advantage of plantation shutters and a cast iron bath is that you can customise these to suit the decor of the rest of your bathroom.

What Is The Best Option For A Relaxing Bathroom?salcombe-cast-iron-bath

The options when it comes to bathroom design are endless. Personal tastes as well as your budget are key considerations. From a personal standpoint if I were to create a relaxing atmosphere in a bathroom I would go with:

A cast iron bath, of the free standing variety, ideally a double ended roll top bath so as to have the ultimate amount of room to soak in. In terms of a window covering I would go with plantation shutters, due to the control over light, ease of cleaning and the fact they can be tailored to suit a range of needs. I would go along the lines of a deep purple colour, due to it being fairly warm, and also adding to the dark atmosphere when the shutters are closed.

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