Cleaning And Maintaining A Cast Iron Bath

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Caring For Your Cast Iron Bath

If you have a cast iron bath as the centrepiece of your bathroom, then you are going to want to keep it in top condition, so that it keeps drawing attention in a positive way. Cast Iron Baths are a sturdy and easy to maintain piece of bathroom furniture if they are looked after well and kept on top of.

There are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning a cast iron bath, and there isn’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ solution to get the best results. Different baths will have different best outcomes, as they are individually made so all have their unique traits.cast-iron-bath

What to Clean Your Cast Iron Bath With

It’s commonly agreed that one good way to clean your cast iron bath without doing any harm to the enamel surface, is to fill the bath with warm water and then add your every day washing up liquid to this. Then allow the bath to soak in this mixture. These products will not corrode the inner surface of the bath nor should they stain as some cleaning products might.

Following this, use a dry non abrasive cloth to wipe the bath down – this is so as to prevent marking the enamel of the bath. It is commonly thought that it is best practise to dry the bath down after doing this, as this will improve the chances of staying mould and mildew free.

What about difficult stains?

If your bath has more difficult stains to remove or it isn’t a new bath but one you have inherited when buying your house; then taking a similar approach to that mentioned before is possible, however substituting washing up liquid for biological laundry powder or liquid, in order to allow the enzymes to attack any stains that are lingering.

This you then leave for a few hours to allow the natural contents of the biological washing powder to get to work on the stains; then drain your bath and wipe clean with a non abrasive cloth (microfiber cloths are often the best option, in terms of hygiene and cleaning ability) in order to avoid any scratches being made to the enamel of the bath where dirt grime could build up.

If this option doesn’t work then it is possible to form a paste of baking soda and water until you form a thick paste. This paste is then applied directly onto the heavily stained area and left for a couple of hours. Then using a soft cloth you wipe away the residue.

What Not To Use To Clean A Cast Iron Bath

One view point that seems to be commonly agreed upon, is that it is unwise to use acidic products on the enamel surface of a Cast Iron Bath. Using these products which some people would use for an acrylic bath, ranging from vinegar to specialised bathroom cleaning products wears away the enamel on the bath making it feel unpleasant to the touch and often discolouring it, which can be an expensive process to remedy.

Do What Is Best For You

Overall your cast iron bath is the centrepiece to your own bathroom, this advice is just some of the possible methods that are available to keep your bath in pristine condition, if you think you have a good alternative add it to the comments section so other people can benefit too!