Caring for your Real Hair Pieces

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How to Keep your Human Hair Extensions in Perfect Condition

Caring for your Real Hair Pieces is really important. This step by step guide will show you how to keep your Human Hair Extensions in perfect condition so you can enjoy fabulous length and thickness for longer.

Step 1: Detangling

Before washing, it’s important to comb through your Real Hair Pieces thoroughly to ensure there are no knots or tangles that could potentially weaken your Human Hair Extensions. Using a wide tooth comb, gradually work through your hairpiece section by section, concentrating on the ends, until they are silky smooth.

Step 2: Shampoo

Using luke warm water, as anything hotter can damage the fibres, gently cover your Human Hair Extensions with the water. Don’t immerse them and leave unattended as this can quickly lead to unwanted knotting. Then using a small amount of hairpiece-friendly shampoo, carefully lather them and rinse again with cool water. Once all the shampoo is removed, gently press your extensions with a towel to remove excess water before conditioning.

Step 3: Condition

Repeat the shampoo process but this time with a small amount of conditioner. A tip when conditioning your Real Hair Pieces, try to avoid the top of the extensions, instead focus on the ends for a glossy look. Once again, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Step 4: Drying

Once you have gently pressed your Human Hair Extensions with a towel, taking care to remove all excess water without twisting or squeezing them, repeat the detangling process. This will ensure any knots are removed that may have occurred in the washing of your Real Hair Pieces. Hang them in safe place, over a bath tub, or in a drying rack for example, to air-dry and voila!

Once you have mastered this guide you can enjoy your Human Hair Extensions for many months and style them like you would your own hair. Take care of your Real Hair Pieces and the results will leave you looking fabulous!