Best Educational Songs for Children: Key Stages 0 – 2

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Music is an excellent tool for introducing and reinforcing subject matter. Used well, it can aid awareness, engagement and retention in class whilst enhancing creativity and promoting a sense of connectivity. Out of the Ark has a fantastic selection of tried and trusted curriculum-based educational songs for children in nursery and primary school, ideal for bringing core topics to life.

All the following resources come with a CD including vocal and backing tracks. Words on Screen software can be used to display lyrics onto the whiteboard, computer screen, television or interactive touchscreen of your choice.

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Educational Songs for Children By Subject Area

Literacy songs for childrenLiteracy. Demystify core literary concepts with The Niki Davies Book of Lovely Literacy Songs, which contains 20 literacy songs covering everything from phonemes and verbs to onomatopoeia. With scope for including children’s own rhymes and words, this is a great interactive resource for Foundation and KS1 teachers.

For story time, be sure to check out the Song & Story series for ages 3 – 7. These mini musicals will bring popular children’s tales such as Hansel and Gretel, The Enormous Turnip and Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life using a simple script and a handful of bitesize songs.

Maths songs for childrenNumeracy. Make dull maths lessons a thing of the past with the The Niki Davies Book of Marvellous Maths Songs. Written for ages 3 – 7, this book contains 22 catchy and easy-to-learn songs covering everything from addition and subtraction to symmetry and shapes.

Science. Add some spark to your science lessons with the My World series (ages 4 – 9), which contains songbooks about minibeasts, space, water and much more, with jaw-dropping facts and statistics to open children’s eyes to this vast subject area.

Songs about the RomansHistory. Whether it’s Henry VIII or the Romans, make history lessons fun and memorable with the Class Assembly series (ages 7 – 11). Part impromptu musical, part lesson, each of these books includes a script with songs, recorder and drum music, and choreography suggestions, together with cross-curricular ideas and extension work.

French. Introduce key vocabulary, phrases and topic areas with Chantons! – Tous Les Jours (ages 7 – 11), which contains 12 memorable songs in French together with interactive whiteboard activities. It also comes with a dictionary, teacher’s notes and photocopiable activity sheets for each song.

Songs for music lessonsMusic. Develop children’s rhythmical and creative abilities through sound and imagery with Pictures, Poems & Percussion. This interactive resource for ages 4 – 9 will enhance their understanding of key musical concepts in accordance with the National Curriculum for Music.

PHSE. Promote positive values with a cornucopia of songs focussed around citizenship, SEAL and developing the healthy schools concept.

Cover the basics with the My World series (ages 3 – 7), which includes titles such as All About Me, People Who Help Us and Taking Care of Myself, and get more specific with the Songs for EVERY… series (ages 5 – 11), which include suggestions for activities designed to extend the thematic content of the songs to the wider curriculum and beyond.

View Out of the Ark’s full range of educational songs for children here.