Benefits of Commercial Security

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How Commercial Security Services Can Protect Your Business

No matter what the size or type of your business, crime is certainly something you’ll want to avoid. Commercial security services can be a great asset to your business, helping keep your stock and staff safe and making your customers feel more comfortable. Here I explore the benefits of commercial security services to give you an idea of what they can do for your business.

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What Commercial Security Will Deter and Prevent

Some of the things that commercial security will help your business to avoid include:

  • Customer theft – This is one of the main issues that high street retailers face. Shop floor staff don’t have the time to keep tabs on your clientele as well as going about all their other duties, and it is unfair to burden them with situations for which they are not properly prepared or trained. A retail security service can help prevent such situations.
  • Staff theft – Although you would like to believe that all of your staff are honest and trustworthy, there is always the slight chance that one of your team could be taking advantage. Commercial security will not only make your staff feel secure; it will also deter them from stealing money or goods from the business. This includes giving friends and family inappropriate discounts, which could also be costing your business money.
  • Intimidation of staff – If a customer is disgruntled with company policy, they might hit out at a member of staff. You might just be unlucky with the location of your store and find that antisocial behaviour is a daily concern. Not only will commercial security services give your staff peace of mind in such situations; this will also make for a more comfortable environment for customers.
  • ‘Loiterers’  – in towns and cities around the country, there are often large groups of people who hang around causing trouble. This can be off-putting to potential customers, as they may feel intimidated by these groups. If you have commercial security staff, your customers will see that they are being kept under control and will feel more inclined to visit.

Does My Business Need Commercial Security Staff?

Your business can’t afford to make losses through crime, nor do you want it to develop a reputation as being somewhere that customers and staff feel unsafe. The cost of commercial security services is nothing compared to the negative publicity that your business could receive if it is seen to be negligent in this area. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that you staff feel comfortable and are able to concentrate on their jobs rather than having to keep tabs on potentially threatening visitors.

So in short, the benefits of commercial security services certainly justify their costs. And with a number of facilities management companies offering security, cleaning and maintenance services within a single, tailored package, your company can save money, hassle and paperwork and ensure a better environment for your customers and staff. If you would like to take advantage of such services, go to or call 0800 614 678 to discuss your needs with an expert.