Benefits Of Choosing A Biomass Boiler

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When it comes to heating your home, then one of the main issues is how much it costs. A Biomass Boiler is often thought of as one of the best alternatives to the conventional gas boilers many of us have been used to, for it’s cost effectiveness as well as the benefits to the environment of using a more eco friendly solution.

In remote countryside locations, then a Biomass Boiler can be the ideal solution to heating a home. Often these houses don’t a connection to the mains gas grid and therefore have to rely on things such as fuel oil which is expensive as their heat source. This is where a wood pellet burning comes in to its own, due to the low cost of the fuel meaning you can heat your home cheaply and in an eco friendly way.

What Is A Biomass Boiler?

A biomass boiler, as the name suggests is a boiler that operates on biomass. Biomass is the fuel that is burned by the boiler in order to create heat for your home and your water. In this case that fuel is wood pellets.

A biomass boiler is a manual feed boiler – this means that pellets (stored in a compartment) are fed into a hopper at the top of the boiler. These pellets are drip fed into the combustion chamber when the system requires them. When the thermostat or other heating control is trigger then pellets are released into the combustion chamber. The biomass pellets tend to need replacing every three or four days if being used regularly.

Once this has taken place and the biomass pellets are burning evenly and the right temperature is achieved throughout the home then the boiler switches it’s self to modulation. This means your biomass boiler will automatically turn itself to a lower output, meaning that less fuel is used.

As the boiler heats up water, it transfers this into the heating system within the property; the water used here is also used to heat domestic hot water for bathing – just like in a conventional boiler.

Advantages Of A Biomass Boiler

There are a number of huge benefits that come with owning a Biomass Boiler, some of these include:

  • Supplying the hot water and heating for your home; from a renewable cost effective source. Using Biomass pellets is a cheaper; more environmentally friendly way to heat your home or business and provide hot water.
  • Using wood pellets is environmentally sound, as around 1.5 million tonnes of wood from the forestry industry is wasted year on year – wood that can be used to provide heat and water for your home.
  • Fuel bills are cut by on average 50% – comparative to LPG or fuel oil
  • Alongside this – with the renewable heat incentive (put link to info page here) you can make upto £3,390 per year. This means that if you decide to sell your home it will be more appealing to a potential buyer
  • Similarly a biomass boiler will improve the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of a home – meaning that this is another appealing factor to prospective buyers should you wish to sell.
  • Wood pellets are easily sourced and don’t require large amounts of storage space. If you use fuel oil or LPG then these require unsightly tanks for storage.
  • Biomass boilers are suitable for heating properties of a range of sizes, and are even suited to heating communities.

If you feel that your home may benefit from a Biomass Boiler then it would definitely be worth contacting Synergize Ltd. Today. We are experts at installing a range of home energy efficiency measures, in order to help you lower your bills and have a greener, warmer home. Get in touch today if you think that a free energy survey could help you.