Bedi Shield For Dental Care – Protective Oral Care

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One of the problems that those involved in the medical and care sectors often face, is administering oral care to patients in a safe manner. Dental care is difficult at the best of times, however in a care home environment, then the patient can often be difficult, or unable to allow the carer to access or keep their mouth open for long enough.

A bedi shield is an oral care device that can be used either by a professional or in a home care capacity. Some of the people who a bedi shield will benefit the most include those with autism; those who suffer from dementia and those who have complex care issues, where additional support is required. The risks in dealing with these patients can include:

  • Health and Safety Concerns – the care giver is at risk of being bitten by a patient either maliciously or accidentally. Protecting fingers during oral care is one of the main uses of Bedi Shield as often patients will involuntarily clench their teeth.
  • Patient Discomfort – the Bedi Shield can help to avoid patient discomfort which can come as a result of them being moved into a position to make accessing the mouth easier for the carer.
  • Stress – one of the biggest issues with patient discomfort is the stress that it places on both the user and the patient as having to hold a patients mouth open is sometimes an unpleasant situation

The Benefits Of a Bedi Shield

Some of the benefits of using a Bedi Shield when handling oral care include:

  • Protection of the carers finger. In terms of health and safety, this is a great option for the carer; so as to protect the person administering care from being bitten accidentally.
  • Patient Comfort – in order to keep a patient more comfortable, then a Bedi Shield is the ideal device, as they are more forgiving than simply prising the patients mouth open
  • Hygiene – in terms of hygiene this method is ideal as the device is as easy to clean as a tooth rush meaning that germs are not bred

How To Use A Bedi Shield

To use a Bedi Shield the following steps take place

  • Insert a finger into the Bedi Shield. Each one has two inserts meaning that the care giver can hold onto the shield if it is a little loose.
  • Insert the shield into one side of the patients mouth in between their teethBedi how to 1 bedi shield
  • With the device securely in place the caregiver can go about any procedures they need to do, and help them to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed.