Designing A New Bathroom? Start With A Roll Top Bath!

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Make Your Bathroom Standout From The Rest With A Roll Top Bath!

As summer seems to be drawing to a close, the time has come where you can think about looking into DIY and home improvements to keep yourself busy on a weekend! With a bank holiday weekend approaching, then this is a nice time to start planning what you might want to do to make your bathroom a different from the crowd, and the envy of your friends!The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, and as such it makes sense to put some time and effort into it to ensure that it’s just right and it looks stylish and helps create a relaxing atmosphere.double-ended-cast-iron-bath

The centrepiece of the bathroom is often the bath. Having a bath that is deep and retains heat well, is a good way to help to create the relaxing atmosphere you would like. A cast iron roll top bath, is ideal for this. Due to their make up, cast Iron baths are brilliant at retaining heat, meaning unlike most normal baths, you won’t have to keep adding hot water in order to keep it warm.

Alongside this property, roll top baths have striking looks, which will set your bathroom apart from those of your friends. Having an attractive bathroom is a great idea if you are likely to be moving house in the near future, as the cast iron bath will add value to your home and make your property seem more desirable to would be buyers. These baths can also be painted on the exterior to a colour that matches your room’s colour scheme, meaning that your bathroom has a coordinated flowing design.

Once you have the bath sorted, then you need to consider the rest of the bathroom. Depending on the style that you wish to create; your range of options are vast. Some people may opt for a more traditional Victorian or Edwardian style bathroom, whereas others may prefer the modern contemporary look.

Having a stylish sink will compliment the bath that you choose. If you’re going for the modern look, one consideration is to try out a black bathroom set. This will add a striking look to your bathroom, and a combination of a black granite toilet and basin will make your bathroom standout from the crowd. Alternatively, to create a traditional theme, then Victorian style bathroom fittings are available to compliment your roll to[p bath and create a stylish period look.

In order to help create extra atmosphere, or simply just to have a better sense of control over the light levels of your bathroom, then having plantation shutters over the windows is an ideal way to make your bathroom look great, and stand out from your friends, but also means that the levels of light are in your hands, something that is less achievable with more run of the mill window coverings.

When it comes to designing a bathroom, there are lots of things to take into consideration. Different people have different tastes, and therefore having items such as a cast iron bath where the exterior can be painted to suit the colour scheme of the room; and plantation shutters that also have the same benefits, then you can have a bathroom that suits your needs and as such, if you decide to have a new style in a few years time, you can easily do it; meaning you’re not tied down to one particular style.