How Do I Clean My Bathroom? Essential Bathroom Cleaning Products.

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Essential Bathroom Cleaning Products

If you’re the owner of a business that deals with clients or the public, then you will understand the importance of having clean premises. One area that people are always quick to judge on; is the state of your toilets and bathrooms. Here we aim to point out what the essential bathroom cleaning products are in order to make your bathrooms and toilets a welcoming place.

Of course, certain businesses will require more rigorous cleaning than others, the more a bathroom or toilets is used the more attention will be needed. Bathroom cleaning products have a range of uses, some help create a fresh smelling environment, others help remove any danger of bacteria thriving in the environment.

Below are a number of bathroom cleaning products that have a use in a range of bathrooms; whether it’s a business or simply to keep your own home bathroom fresh:

–          Multi Surface Cleaner – as the name suggests, this can be used for a range of surfaces, in order to give a nice shine effect and ensure that any dirt and grime is removed. Multi surface cleaners are a good product to have to hand due to their versatility.

–          Bleach – much like multi surface products, bleach is a versatile chemical to have when cleaning, as it can be used for a number of purposes, such as neutralising bacteria in toilets and drains, to giving a clean finish to tiled surfaces

–          Glass and Window Polish – using this will ensure that your mirrors, shower enclosures and windows have a shine about them that will make them look more appealing.

–          Microfiber Cloths – These cloths have been proven to be great for cleaning a range of surfaces, and due to the way that they are made up, mean that they don’t spread grime or bacteria from one surface to another.

–          Toilet descaler – this is important for keeping your toilet clean and hygienic, it is designed to remove limescale and other build ups, as well as ensuring that your toilet is deodorised. This can be used daily to ensure your toilets are always at their best.

–          Plastic Bucket – having a plastic bucket to hand has a range of uses, these can be used as a mop bucket if you have a large floor area that is tiled and needs to be mopped, or alternatively can be used for general cleaning and then rinsing down the areas where you have used chemicals which you wouldn’t want hanging around

–          Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves – these are important, as they protect you from the chemicals that you are using and keep you clean and dry – personal safety is an important factor to consider when using chemicals, it may be beneficial to use a disposable apron as well.

In terms of bathroom cleaning, different bathrooms will have different needs, depending on what your bathroom contains. Beaucare hygiene has a range of Bathroom Cleaning products designed with versatility and value in mind, in order to make cleaning your workplace bathrooms and easy process.