Bathroom Accessories – Add The Right Finishing Touches

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Using Accessories To Make your bathroom complete

Your bathroom is an important space in your home; and as such you want to ensure that it looks the part. Once you’ve made your mind up when it comes to colour schemes; whether you want a bath or a shower or both; what kind of toilet and wash basin you want or what sort of window dressing you want then you need to develop a flowing theme in terms of accessories and additional features.

What Accessories Can I Add To My Bathroom?Bathroom-accessories

Bathroom accessories covers a wide range of items, they are the finishing touches that really set off things such as a cast iron bath. Below are just a few of things you can choose to add your own touch to your bathroom:

–          Taps – for both basins and bath tubs; these can add a unique touch. Many high end baths and basins come without the taps included – or with a range on offer. This means that a piece of bathroom furniture that is already pretty different from the majority of items on the market can be made even more special.

–          Toilet seats – although it sounds mundane, there is a huge range of toilets seats that can really add something different to the toilet in your bathroom (or a separate room if that’s how your home is laid out)

–          Switches and plugs – by these I mean whether you choose to go for a traditional pull chord, standard light switches or something in a different finish to compliment the rest of your accessories

–          Mirrors – a mirror is not the key part of a bathroom, but it is possibly the most used item in there. A good mirror can make your bathroom look great, but also the right size in the right place can make your bathroom seem more spacious.

What Styles Of Bathroom Accessories Are There?

The two main styles of bathroom accessories tend to be whether they are styled to suit a contemporary bathroom or a classic bathroom. Some people tend to have traditional ideas when it comes to their interior decorating. This may be due to having a period house where there is a common theme, or even just wanting the look of a traditional Victorian or Edwardian bathroom.

Others like to have all the latest modern luxuries, and this is a common style too, but one that can also be tailored to suit individual tastes. Modern fixtures and fittings tend to be in slick chrome finishes and suit a range of decors.

Of Course some people like to create a fusion of both modern and classic, there’s nothing to stop you from using a modern style on a classic cast iron bath, and it can in fact lead to some stunning combinations.

What Bathroom Accessories Are Best For Me?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to interior design and making your bathroom appealing to you. Clearly it makes sense to have accessories that fit in with the general theme of your bathroom, however creativity is the key and a fusion of styles can make a bathroom look stunning.

Besides, with accessories you have the option to chop and change the finish that you want. You can change the bathroom accessories that you have added such as the taps on your sink and bath far more easily than you can get a new bath!