Bathe In Style With A Roll Top Bath

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Make A Design Statement With A Roll Top Baths

From Period Dramas; to property shows there is a lot of exposure on television or in design magazines for the stylish bathroom furniture that is the roll top bath. These baths are becoming increasingly popular; however they’re still at the point where they have a special quality that means that they’re not a common feature in a lot of bathrooms therefore meaning you can stand out from the crowds.double-ended-cast-iron-bath

What Makes  A Roll Top Bath Special?

Roll top baths come in a number of forms; they can be made from either copper or [predominantly cast iron. These hard-wearing durable  materials mean you keep the heat in for the best possible soaking experience and therefore have a more relaxing time than you would in an off the shelf acrylic bath.

However the most obvious factor of where a roll top bath stands out against an acrylic bath are its stunning looks. Most baths bought from mainstream retailers tend to be manufactured in bulk and as such, they don’t tend to have individuality or character which comes with a cast iron bath or copper bath.

Types Of Roll Top Bath

There are three main types of roll top bath which are as follows:

–          Cast Iron Baths – these are the most predominant, they are made from cast iron as the title suggests, with an outer surface that you can customise to suit the decor of your bathroom, thus meaning that this bath will be entirely unique to you and also that you can change the bath and bathroom decor more frequently without having to wonder about the continuity of the colour scheme.

–          Copper Baths – again as the name suggests these are made from copper, often with a polished outer surface which adds its own unique character to your bathroom; and its curves allow for more comfortable soaks.

–          Bateau Baths – French for Boat, these are baths that have a boat shape, made from either cast iron or copper and in a range of finishes these baths don’t have feet but an integrated plinth, and the taps tend to be in the middle. The curvature of the bath is designed to prevent water spilling over.

Making A Roll Top Bath Unique salcombe-cast-iron-bath

Once you’ve picked a bath from the types available, then there are different variations within the categories, for example some can be slipper baths, where they are only curved at one end, providing additional support for the bather.

Following on choosing the right style of bath for you, then you can make it your own to suit the bathroom it’s going to be the centrepiece of.

Firstly, most roll top baths don’t have the taps as standard, this means that you can choose a style that suits your bathroom, from something stylish and modern to something that is a more traditional classy look. Some people may also choose to add a shower mixer; however this is dependent on whether they feel the need to have a shower as a separate entity, and whether or not space allows for it!

Similarly, for those baths that require feet then these can be customisable too. Made from a range of durable materials to prevent them corroding and also to keep as much water as possible coming into contact with the floor thus preventing water damage and potential rotting of the floor if it is wooden.

As well as this, as mentioned before a lot of roll top baths have an outer surface that is essentially a blank canvas in terms of colours and paint. You can modify the colours to suit the needs of your individual bathroom and as such they have a big advantage over a mass produced bath.

Complimenting A Roll Top Bath

Of course, alongside the roll top bath, you can add a whole host of features and accessories to your bathroom to match the style of the bath and create a theme. Features such as a period style basin and toilet set can really help create the illusion of going back in time; alternatively, choosing more modern accompanying features can help create a contemporary feel. You could opt to heat the room with a cast iron radiator; or go for a heated towel rail for a modern look. When it comes to bathroom design the options are endless, and a roll top bath works in a variety of situations!