Top 3 Autumn Ideas for Primary School

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Ah, the autumn term. Back to school, harvest festival, and – before you know it – the Christmas play. It’s probably fair to say that coming up with decent ideas for the autumn term can be a bit of a struggle. I have been wracking my brains for some time and thought I’d share the best autumn ideas for primary school that I have come up with to help others who might be in this situation.

Autumn Ideas for Primary School

1.       Get Singing

In my experience, there is no better way to teach and reinforce new concepts than through the art of song. There are thousands of general and autumn-related songs written for school that can really help make learning that little bit more fun for young children. From songs about autumn, harvest festival and going back to school to more educational, curriculum-based ones, there’s a catchy tune out there to support every topic imaginable.

2.       Get Out and About

For many, the idea of autumn conjures up vivid memories of crunching through leaves, marvelling at sycamore seeds and playing conkers. The latter is now banned from many schools in case it causes some kind of horrific injury, but there are still plenty of ways to get children out of the classroom  and back to nature. Outdoor play and learning are essential for children’s development, and following recent reports that most children play outside for less than an hour a day, this need seems all the more pressing. The Woodland Trust has some great autumn ideas for primary school.

3.       Get Creative

As a primary school teacher, I’m sure you are aware of the benefits that arts and crafts can bring to learning. There are tons of autumn ideas for primary school on the internet; you only need to look. For starters, try Activity Village, a bank of free resources for teachers and parents. This has loads of great suggestions for autumn, from classic leaf collages to more original projects like ‘twig fairies’. You could also seek out pictorial inspiration – my favourite online platform for this is Pinterest.

IAutumn ideas for primary school hope you have found these autumn ideas for primary school useful, and now have plenty of resources to help you get started on next term’s teaching plan. If you want songs for autumn (or indeed any other time of year), I recommend Out of the Ark. They have a huge selection of songbooks, each of which comes with an audio CD containing vocal and backing tracks. Whether you want children’s songs for harvest or a Christmas musical script, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Happy teaching, and enjoy the summer holidays while they last!