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What is Remy Hair?

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Remy Human Hair is often the most misunderstood term in the wig and hairpiece industry. The simplest definition of the term “remy” refers to the specific characteristics of the hair, how it was taken and manufactured thereafter. The defining characteristic is the unilateral direction of the cuticles, meaning that the hair follicles all follow one single direction. This unique cuticle preservation is generated through the collection from the donor. The method should ensure that all the hair strands remain in the same direction of their natural hair growth. A typical…read more

8 Benefits of School Songs

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The early learning stages are crucially important for the development of a child’s education. Learning in these years needs to be fun and engaging in order to stay in their young minds! School songs that are usually used in assemblies are a great learning technique, that benefit our children in numerous ways. Take a look at these top benefits of school songs and how they develop you child’s knowledge considerably! 1) Tuneful Teamwork In a classroom environment, teamwork is key. School songs within a classroom help young children learn the…read more

Singing to Success: Songs for Schools

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Over the years, singing in schools has become increasingly popular and it has numerous educational and personal benefits for children. Songs in schools now work as a cohesive educational aid in the class schedule of many teachers. So what are the advantages of using primary school songs in the classroom? Advantages of Primary School Songs Singing works the ‘memory muscle’, helping children to take in and remember key information using repetitive rhyme and melody. Learning a piece of educational material attached to a tune provides a memory platform for children…read more

Sing Throughout Spring: Easter Songs for Children

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Celebrating spring in school is a great way to get children learning about the world around them and understanding the diverse traditions and cultures that make up the season. Springtime is the season of life as the changing of weather stimulates plant growth and blossoming flowers. What’s more, during the spring many animals give birth to their young. Animals wait until the spring as there is lots of food available with crops flourishing and the hours of daylight and gradually extended meaning that they have longer to search for their…read more

Ultimate Party Look: Three Quarter Wigs

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The Christmas party season is upon us and as December is packed full of festive fun with family and friends, we all want to look our best. As the year comes to an end though, it’s easy to feel like we’ve got stuck in a hair rut, with the cold, grey weather dampening our glam. Fear not! There is a quick fix solution that will revitalise your locks and give you that extra bounce required for the ultimate party look. Wigs for Women are often thought of as time-consuming purchases…read more

Wedding Worthy Hairpieces for Women

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Becoming the beautiful bride on your wedding day takes months of meticulous planning. Of course, choosing the perfect dress is at the top of the checklist however the perfect hairstyle comes a close second, often completing the bridal look. Hairpieces for Women are a great way to create a beautiful bridal style that will look classic and keep your wedding photo album a timeless reminder of your special day. There are many ways to wear your Wedding Hair Pieces to accommodate a traditional or more contemporary style dependent on bridal…read more

Timeless Trend: Human Hair Ponytail

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The ponytail is a classic hair trend that never goes out of fashion. Much like the LBD of the hair world, the ponytail style only requires a few minor tweaks to keep it fashion fresh. The perfect ponytail often requires volume and length, something we’re not all blessed with naturally. However, the Human Hair Ponytail hairpiece is a popular style cheat that will leave your hair looking fabulous with minimum effort required.


Natural Image Wigs: New Range

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Simply Wigs have just launched their new range of Natural Image Wigs, a classy collection of shorter styles that ooze quality. This new collection also promotes their fabulous blend of natural colours which Natural Image is so renowned for.


Autumn Trends: Human Hair Wigs

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As we say a reluctant goodbye to summer and welcome the natural golden tones of autumn, it’s no surprise we are often inspired to change our hair colour and style accordingly. Autumn is a great time to rethink your hairstyle, giving you the boost you crave to get through the colder months and survive until a spring refresh.