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What are Kokeshi Dolls?

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Japanese culture has become very fashionable in the UK and it is likely to continue increasing in the near future. The influences have spread across many sectors including Japanese restaurants and fashion. One of the most must have items is the Kokeshi Doll. This has been a favourite for many years with young and old avid collectors of the dolls. But where did this doll that has swept the nation come from?


The Benefits of Having Conservatory Plantation Shutters

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Conservatory’s have a number of benefits, such as adding value to the home and allowing a bright additional space where you can sit in the sun even if the weather is a little cool. However, when you have a conservatory, personalising it for yourself is a big issue. One way to add a unique spin on it is to use plantation shutters.


Maximise Your Store’s Profit this Bank Holiday with Retail Display Shelving

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With another bank holiday approaching, and potentially nice weather too, people have an extra day free off work and in tandem with a recovering economic climate, then chances are that places of interest will be busier than normal. As such, this is an opportunity for those in the retail sector to make the most of people’s holiday spirit. One option for this is arranging the retail display shelving to make impulse buys more prominent to customers.


What is Industrial Wastewater Management Equipment?

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One of the issues with modern civilisation is the amount of waste it produces in many forms. Industrial processes especially often produce wastewater that is in need for cleansing before it can return to the water cycle. Therefore, appropriate wastewater management techniques are required for the safety of the population and the well-being of the environment.


What are the meanings behind the Japanese lucky cat?

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It is likely that everyone at one stage or another has come across a Japanese lucky cat, whether it be at your local Japanese or Chinese restaurant, or a shop in Chinatown, but what do they actually mean? You may have wondered what the cat is and why it is such a prominent image in the Asian community. Is it just a novelty toy, or are the meanings more significant? You are about to find out.


Bank Holidays and Motoring Offences – Don’t Take Unnecassary Risks

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With the May bank holidays fast approaching, people have a tendency to take to the roads for various occasions due to their extra day free of work. Whether it’s visiting family and friends, a getaway for a couple of days or just a day out; people tend to make use of the weekend and potentially over indulge in alcohol too and sometimes this can lead to them committing a motoring offence.