Airbursh Starter Kits – Get To Grips With Model Painting

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New To Modelling? Try An Airbrush Starter Kit!

An airbrush is a great investment if you want to get the best finish on the models that you’ve built, but if you’re new to the hobby or haven’t used one before, where do you begin? An airbrush kit is an ideal place to get started, as they contain the basic requirements to get started airbrushing out of the box.

What Is An Airbrush?

For those who aren’t fully familiar with what an airbrush is, it a device for applying a particular media (most commonly paint) onto a surface; using pressurised air to push the paint through. They are suitable for a variety of means, from applying spray tan, to decorating cakes. They range in price and quality, and can be used professionally or for pleasure.

Airbrushes for model builders tend to provide a better finish which can be more detailed than using a paint brush and painting by hand. This detailed finish means that those who are involved in the hobby passionately can show their models at conventions and impress their contemporaries.

What Does An Airbrush Kit Contain?airbrush-starter-kit2

–          Airbrush – depending on what kit you buy, then this will vary in terms of quality and value, if you buy a starter kit from a reputable brand (Iwata for example) then no matter what end of the price range you choose the airbrush will be a quality reliable piece of equipment.

–          Air Supply – if you purchase a starter kit, this is often aerosol propellant; however more expensive kits can often have a compressor and the professional end of the spectrum often contain a high quality compressor.

–          Valve and Hose – this allows you to connect your air supply to your airbrush in a way that will allow for a clean constant flow of air.

–          Airbrush cleaner – this helps keep your airbrush in pristine condition and avoids any build up which will prevent you getting the best results

Can I Just Buy An Airbrush?

An airbrush kit is by no means a necessity, however they provide a brilliant stepping stone to get off the mark and get creative with the finishes to your models. Buying an airbrush separately along with all the required accessories and equipment, means that you may end up spending a lot of money to find out that it is not for you.

Many people can shell put a lot on expensive equipment but not have the requisite skill to create quality finished products. On the other hand someone with skill can use an airbrush from a kit and pull of brilliant results, without the skill then the airbrush can only help so much.