Top Airbrush Tips For Beginners

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Using An Airbrush To Paint A Model iwata hp 50

A hugely popular but not always widely discussed hobby is that of model building. This can take many forms from military models, to railways to scenes from television shows. One of the key factors in this is providing the best possible finish so that your models look great. A lot of keen hobbyists like to use an airbrush for this due to the control and precision and generally great finish it provides.

Top Tips For Beginners:

If you’re new to airbrushing, or simply want some more ideas, the following are some of our expert airbrush tips:

–          Safety First – Make sure that you’re working in a well ventilated work space, or ideally use a spray booth, which will make the finish you get even better, and protect those around you. Even with a spray booth it is recommended to use a face mask or respirator, to endure that you don’t inhale toxic fumes

–          Try A Kit – if you’re new to the hobby, then an airbrush starter kit is an ideal investment. I f you’re unsure whether you’re suited to airbrushing or simply want a

–          Understand An Airbrush Isn’t Ideal For Everything – A lot of airbrushes can do one specific task really well or a number of jobs to a decent standard. After a while modellers tend to find they have a number of airbrushes for different  If you decide to go for an airbrush and not a kit a lot of experienced modellers recommend the Iwata HP series, as it is suitable for a range of purposes.

–          Paint Models In Sections – do this before assembling the model, especially when you have a range of colours and shades to add. In order to prevent going over areas. If you want to paint the finished model, then use masking film to prevent over-spray in specific areas.

–          Air Supply Is Important – in a kit you may be provided with an aerosol which is a reasonable place to start, however they are very inefficient as they run out quickly, and this causes a lot of waste in empty cans. A compressor, ideally one with an external tank, as this provides the best constant clean flow of air, which will help produce the best results.

–          Choose Your Paint Wisely – different surfaces have different requirements for what paint that they require, as well as this fact, different brands have paint that is suited to different styles. So for instance LifeColor has a range of paints specifically tailored to shades for individual militaries and so on.

–          Clean Your Airbrush – It is never a good idea to leave paint in your airbrush after you have finished using it, this will eventually dry out and clog it, causing damage to the workings, use the thinner that you mix your paint with to clean the airbrush, every time even if you’re only leaving it to stand for a few minutes.

What Is The Best Option For Starting Out Airbrushing?airbrush-starter-kit2

There is no one size fits all solution as to what the best option for getting into the world of airbrushing is.  Many argue that a kit is a good starting point as it provides you with the basics to get into the swing of things, whereas others would suggest a reliable renowned airbrush like the Iwata HP series mentioned before.

One thing is clear however, spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee results. Talented people can do great things with even basic equipment, if they have the experience or a gift, whereas someone who hasn’t got much talent can spend a lot of money on high end equipment and not produce results that are anywhere near as successful.