Airbrush Tattoos – The Pros and Cons

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The Benefits Of Airbrush Tattoos Over Permanent Tattoos

As times have changed, tattoos have become more prevalent in modern society due to celebrity culture and a more open minded view about such things in society.

Tattoos are a mark on the skin that can come in a range of forms. Some can be naturally occurring such as when dust or dirt gets in a wound (a common issue for miners), temporary tattoos which are short lived designs on the surface of the skin. Permanent tattoos are designs and marks that are created when indelible ink is inserted into a layer of skin known as the dermis.

Temporary tattoos are often applied using airbrushes. This is a form of tattooing where hypoallergenic ink is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush. These tattoos only last a few days, are easy to remove if required at short notice and dry quickly so you can get on with having a good time!

The Pros And Cons Of Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos have a number of pros and cons when it comes to comparing them to permanent tattoos. These Include:

–          The hypoallergenic nature of the substances used non-permanent airbrush tattoos means that it is very unlikely that you will suffer any ill effects from it being applied to your skin, whereas with a permanent tattoo there are a range of potential health complications, from unclean working practises to your body reacting to the ink badly and causing illness.

–          Having a temporary tattoo can mean that you can trial ideas of what you would like to get before you take the plunge and get the real thing. This is good for those who are not fully certain of what final design they want and can help refine the process.

–          The downside of the temporary airbrush tattoo however is also a lack of permanence; as if you find something that you think is exactly what you would want to have then it may not be the same when you come round to going through with a permanent design.

–          Temporary tattoos are pain free, as they don’t involve any breaking of the skin, as the only things that make contact with the skin are air and ink. Permanent tattoos involve long sessions of needles which some people can find uncomfortable and can be sore for a while after.

–          The short life span of a temporary tattoo means that if you work in a highly professional and less liberal work environment, by the time Monday morning arrives it can be long gone from your skin, and only takes a minute or so dry.

What Do I Need For Airbrush Tattoos And Body Art?airbrush-tattoo

It really depends on what you want, if you want a permanent design that you feel strongly about and you know of a high quality reputable tattoo artist then a permanent tattoo may be for you. If you just fancy a change and want something to compliment a fancy dress outfit or just to look a little different on a night out or at an occasion, then an airbrush tattoo may be the way to go.

The best part about airbrush tattooing is that anyone can have a go at getting involved. With an airbrush and compressor and the right ink, then you can get some stencils and make your own and let your imagination run wild. Practising on your friends and family with ink that can be easily removed, means that once you’re good and confident you could make a real go of it professionally with some skill and practice.