Airbrush Kits – Which One Should You Choose?

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Airbrush kits offer an easier and often more cost effective solution to buying all the individual pieces of airbrushing equipment separately. It also allows you to choose a kit that contains everything you need to successfully complete your specific project.

Here are some of the different types of applications you can use an airbrush kit for;

Model Making Airbrush Kit

Custom Graphics

Create the most eye catching automotive airbrushing designs with a custom graphics kit containing everything you’ll need from an airbrush and compressor to paints and automotive airbrushing book.

Cake Decorating

A cake decorating kit will help you create the most colourful and tasty looking cakes and sugar crafts. With an array of stencils and edible paints to use you will be able to use your kit to apply both big and small designs and features onto your baked surfaces.


Add another dimension to your favourite t shirt with a textile airbrush kit that includes the necessary equipment for both leather and fabric airbrushing fabric airbrushing.

Paper crafts

Papercraft airbrush kits are perfect for card making and scrapbooking by creating different effects and designs with the airbrush, paints and stencils – some kits will also include a couple of blank cards to get you started.

Papercraft Airbrush Kit

Arts & Crafts

These kits are perfect for all your art and graphic airbrushing needs and includes an airbrush, compressor, paints, cleaner, stencil and video.

Model Making

Explore a diverse range of model making airbrush equipment with a kit that will offer you everything you need for all types of modelling including cars and planes.

Make up/Beauty

There is a range of kits for home, professional and mobile use for all types of beauty applications including nail art, body art, make up or spray tanning.

Beauty Airbrush Kit

There are also general hobby kits available that can be used for basic airbrushing on things like models and murals. This type of kit is better suited to beginners who are looking for an affordable starter kit and usually consists of an airbrush and an airbrush propellant, unlike the other kits which use a compressor. For the best possible results, remember to always clean your airbrush after every use.

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