Customising A Cast Iron Bath

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Adding A Personal Touch To Bathroom Design with A Cast Iron Bath

When you’re designing your home, it is important to create a personal touch that will suit your house’s style, as well as your own personal tastes. A cast Iron bath makes a great focal point to a whole host of bathrooms, and different styles and shapes are suited to more petite bathrooms, or alternatively, if you have a large master bedroom, a cast iron bath can make a stunning freestanding feature to add a real touch of luxury and class.

What Is A Cast Iron Bath?double-ended-cast-iron-bath

A cast iron bath, is a bath made out of cast iron. They are often hand crafted in a range of classic styles reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian periods. These baths are big and luxurious, allowing for additional water and more room to spread out, meaning that you enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable soak. The cast iron means that they retain the heat a lot better than an acrylic bath.

If you have a classically styled home, then a cast iron bath makes a great addition to a bathroom, however they would not be out of place in a whole range of styles of home. The additional luxury that a cast iron bath affords, means that they make the ideal investment, as a stylish bathroom will add value to any home, as it is a room that gets a large amount of usage.

Customising A Cast Iron Bath To Your Tastes

One of the great things about a cast iron bath, is that they can be customised to suit your individual tastes and to fit in with the colour scheme you really want from your bathroom. Some of the options for customisation, include:

–          Taps – a lot of cast iron baths don’t come with taps included, due to the range of options that are available when it comes to positioning them, and also because of differing tastes in how to finish them off. You can choose a cast iron bath with or without tap holes, as you may opt for a stand pipe or taps depending on whether your bath is free standing. In terms of taps, you may opt for traditional Victorian bath mixer taps, or you may go for something more contemporary. If your cast iron bath is in a corner or next to a wall and space doesn’t permit a separate shower enclosure, then you may opt to add a shower head.

–          Feet – Because of the shape of a cast iron bath, and it’s potential to be a free standing structure, there is the opportunity to choose options such as claw feet which add an elegant regal touch or ball feet which are a more subtle finish.

–          Paint – Cast Iron Baths tend to come with a simple white finish on their exterior, which is quickly and easily customisable using suitable paint such as metal or wood paint and a small roller. This gives you the freedom to style your path to match any colour scheme you may choose for your bathroom and therefore gives you more flexibility.


Best Options For Customising A Cast Iron Bath

There is no right or wrong way to go about customising  your cast iron bath, as it is all a matter of personal taste. Choosing a complimentary colour for the exterior of the bath will help create a feeling of continuity in your bathroom however, and therefore make the scene more natural.

Claw or ball feel are a great investment, as they stop the floor getting damaged and won’t rust themselves due to the material they are made up of.

If you choose a free standing bath, then a standpipe is a great option, as it looks very traditional and it will be a striking addition to any room, adding a feeling of decadence.

Cast Iron Bath

Cast Iron Bath