8 Benefits of School Songs

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The early learning stages are crucially important for the development of a child’s education. Learning in these years needs to be fun and engaging in order to stay in their young minds! School songs that are usually used in assemblies are a great learning technique, that benefit our children in numerous ways. Take a look at these top benefits of school songs and how they develop you child’s knowledge considerably!

1) Tuneful Teamwork

In a classroom environment, teamwork is key. School songs within a classroom help young children learn the importance of working well in a team. Songs often require assigned roles to make the music ‘work’ coherently, all participants in the song must work together towards a shared goal of a pitch-perfect performance.

2) Rhythmic Remembrance

The rhythm in school songs help children to improve their memory and tighten thought patterns which can then be applied in other school work. The repetitive sounds in music help children to co-ordinate their thoughts and remember lyrics for future performances. The skill of memorisation is not only helpful in music but in all education and future working environments.

3) Music Sparks Creativity

Music really does get the creative juices flowing! Using music in the classroom inspires children to often ‘think outside the box’ in other areas of their education, improving their problem-solving skills. An artistic angle in education also fosters a child’s imagination. As well as present-day benefits, creative learning prepares children for the future workforce. As a steady increase in artistic careers are arising in the UK, igniting creativity helps children fit into modern-day society.

4) Lyrical Language Lessons

Children start to decode words and sounds at a very young age and there is evidence to suggest that school songs help to enhance these natural abilities. This innate quality has to be reinforced and practiced regularly so the understanding of language can flourish throughout childhood. The relationship between music and language development also reaps social benefit too as understanding people around them is key to forging relationships and strengthens a child’s ability to be verbally capable. Recent studies have shown that musical education trains the left side of the brain- the language processor- using familiar songs and linking that to new information to help imprint important lessons into the mind.

5) Confident Booster

Singing in school also improves emotional development in young children and builds communication skills between peers. With continual encouragement from parents and teachers and the sense of pride that comes with a positive musical performance, a child’s confidence is boosted dramatically.

6) A Sound Spatial Awareness

Spatial intelligence and music are linked, as the patterns in music help children perceive the world around them and form mental pictures. This skillset is beneficial in solving advanced mathematic problems and creating forward-thinking plans of what is needed to function effectively during the day.

7) A Rhapsody of Relaxation

Learning to play a musical instrument or taking part in a musical activity is proven to reduce stress levels in young children. A soothing melody is also a great way for children to relax and enjoy the learning environment. The performance of a musical piece also teaches children to take risks and conquer anxiety. Conquering acute anxiety in earlier life helps children to feel relaxed and reach their full potential for success.

8) Motivating Music

It’s no secret that music is linked to enjoyment and fun! So using this as a tool in the learning process at school will keep children motivated in the classroom. School songs are a great way to maintain a child’s engagement with the task in hand which will in turn help them to take in key information.

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