5 Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume

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How to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker and Fuller

Your hair can have a big impact on your confidence, so if it’s feeling flat and lifeless, chances are you will too. This article offers five proven ways to give your hair more volume, so you can look and feel a million dollars every day.

Top 5 Hair Volumising Tips

Real hair piece from Simply Wigs1. Try a hairpiece, ponytail or extension

This is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to add style and volume to your hair. Real hair pieces have come a long way in recent years, and provided you choose one of similar colour and texture to your natural hair, it can be very difficult to tell that you’re wearing one at all.

Choose a human hair ponytail for the perfect party look, or opt for a wig or a set of extensions for fine hair to cover your scalp when your hair is down.

2. Choose your haircut with care

A long style of a single length can make your hair look finer, whilst the extra weight can also cause your hair to separate and reveal your scalp. You should therefore choose a short to mid-length style with lots of layers to make your hair look thicker and give it plenty of bounce.

Multi-tonal colouring can add movement to thin hair, so you may also wish to try highlights and/or lowlights. Just be sure to avoid over-bleaching, and ask your hairdresser for recommendations if you’re in any doubt.

3. Try volumising shampoo and conditioner

Provided you choose volumising hair products of decent quality, they shouldn’t build up in the hair or leave it limp and flat. Only use conditioners on the mid-shafts and ends of your hair, as applying them to the scalp traps oil and weighs the hair down. Read this guide to the best volumising hair products to get an idea of what to choose.

4. Work it

Choppy hairstyles with plenty of lift at the roots can create an illusion of thicker hair. Apply a volumising lotion, mousse or spray to wet hair and dry it from the roots. Don’t use a high temperature or hold the hairdryer too close, as this will damage the cuticle and cause your hair to go frizzy and brittle. Use rollers to add extra body, lift and bounce.

5. Nourish your hair

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ certainly rings true when it comes to the condition of your hair, so if you want plenty of volume, it’s vital that you get all the nutrients your hair needs. These include iron (present in spinach, watercress and beans), biotin and zinc (present in bananas, cauliflower, eggs, lentils and salmon).5 Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume

You should also make sure you get plenty of protein, and try to cook with olive oil and coconut oil wherever possible. Avoid toxins such as coffee, alcohol and tobacco, and eat as few processed and refined foods as you can.

Et voilà – big, voluptuous hair like the ladies in the shampoo ads. If these tips have failed to make a difference or you are concerned about your hair loss, visit your GP to rule out alopecia and related medical conditions such as thyroid problems and anaemia.

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