4 Hilariously Funny Nativity Play Scripts

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Are you sick and tired of the same old yawn-inducing nativity play scripts for children? If your school’s nativity plays have involved a restless cast and snoring parents in recent years, it may be time to change your tune. These super funny nativity play scripts are as fun to rehearse as they are to perform, and will get parents and children roaring with actual, genuine laughter. Plus, they successfully convey the reason why we celebrate this special time of year, in a manner that is suitable for both Christian and secular schools.

Four Genuinely Funny Nativity Play Scripts

1.  A Midwife Crisis (Ages 5 – 9)

Funny nativity play scripts - A Midwife CrisisIf you want a funny nativity play script that isn’t too far removed from the traditional Bible story, A Midwife Crisis might well be the one. Seen through the eyes of a rather flustered midwife and her put-upon donkey Steve, this nativity musical is hilarious yet thought-provoking. It features six fun, catchy songs and a wonderfully comedic script that will appeal to young and mature audiences alike.

2.  Hey Ewe! (Ages 4 – 8)

Hey Ewe!Another pun-tastic delight told from a fresh perspective, Hey Ewe is a curious young sheep’s version of the events of the very first Christmas. Between a gospel choir of angels, calypso-ing kings and square-dancing sheep, even the most solemn of parents will be tapping their feet and baaing away – and why wouldn’t you want to witness that?

3.  Christmas with the Aliens (Ages 4 – 7)

Christmas with the AliensA sterling nativity play script that’s every bit as barmy as it sounds, Christmas with the Aliens is a guaranteed show-stopper. It offers incredible scope for scenery and costumes, and the catchy songs will have your class singing well into the new year. Whether this idea pleases you or appals you, it’s well worth putting on this play, which cleverly manages to incorporate Christian morality in spite of the otherworldly visitors.

4.  Tinsel and Tea-Towels (Ages 5 – 9)

Tinsel and Tea TowelsThis unusual and uproariously funny nativity play script takes us on a journey around the country as various schools prepare for the Christmas play. Children will relish the opportunity to act as teachers and school inspectors, while parents are sure to appreciate the quips on the traditional, formulaic ideology of the nativity. Like the other scripts, Tinsel and Tea-Towels offers opportunity for reflection without being dry in the slightest.


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