3 Reasons to Use Landscape Fabric

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Any avid gardener or professional landscaper will know that there are a number of reasons to use landscape fabric.  Everything from the weather to weeds can pose a threat to your outdoor area which is why it’s worth investing in good quality landscaping materials to help protect it.

1. Weeds

Often weed killers can kill more than just the weeds; however there are environmentally friendly solutions that can be used that won’t harm or damage your plants. Non-chemical weed barriers not only protect plants against weeds, but also promote airflow in the soil. This allows the nutrients that your garden needs to pass through to the roots whilst at the same time, eliminating the problem of weeds completely.

Enjoy the Perfect Garden with Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabrics can be used to target weeds in your plant borders as well as below outdoor decking and on gravel paths and patios.

2. Root Overgrowth

Paved areas and asphalted surfaces are constantly threatened by the potential overgrowth of plant and tree roots. Landscape fabrics that are targeted at root overgrowth can eradicate this problem which will also help to protect any nearby buildings from potential root related issues.

These types of products are often used in parks and gardens because whilst preventing overgrowth, they will not damage your plants. Instead they’ll provide a protective and long lasting solution to the roots against pollutants and acids that won’t have to constantly be reapplied.

3. Outdoor and Indoor Absorbent Mineral Surfaces

Some landscape fabrics can be used on both outdoor and indoor surfaces such as block paved driveways, patios and natural stone tiles. The landscape fabric will therefore offer protection against everything from oil in the kitchen to fat based pollutions like petrol and diesel.

Recycled Decking

Finally, once your outdoor area is weed free and clear of root overgrowth, you can add some finishing touches with some environmentally friendly recycled plastic products.

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