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4 Simple Ways to Fit More Music Into the School Day

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Music is an incredibly important subject that enriches pupils’ lives and education. But as it is treated increasingly as an afterthought rather than a priority, how can we ensure that children continue to enjoy the remarkable benefits of music in schools? With a lack of funding and resources for specialist education, it’s important to fit music into the school day wherever possible. Here you’ll find some simple and effective ideas to help you do so.


5 Stimulating and Fun Ways to Teach the Easter Story

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As Easter approaches, there’s usually one thing on children’s minds: chocolate. And with cute bunnies and chicks dominating homes, shops and TV channels, it can be easy for them to forget or overlook the true meaning behind Easter. Here you’ll find some fun ways to teach the Easter story that will keep children on their toes whilst reinforcing the significance of this important time of year.


Best Educational Songs for Children: Key Stages 0 – 2

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Music is an excellent tool for introducing and reinforcing subject matter. Used well, it can aid awareness, engagement and retention in class whilst enhancing creativity and promoting a sense of connectivity. Out of the Ark has a fantastic selection of tried and trusted curriculum-based educational songs for children in nursery and primary school, ideal for bringing core topics to life.


How to Make English Lessons More Fun and Engaging

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Fun English Activities for Primary School Children Does your class consider reading to be the pastime of the dull and antiquated? Is the word ‘grammar’ enough to set pupils’ heads nodding – with boredom as opposed to enthusiasm? If your class needs a motivational boost in the English department, read this article for some helpful suggestions that will help you to make English lessons more fun.


Best Easter Activities for Primary School Students

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Stuck for classroom ideas this Easter? These handpicked Easter activities for primary school students include a wide range of inspiring tips and ideas that will help you educate and celebrate with your class. I have selected activities that are suited to both Christian and secular schools, enabling you to pick whichever ones you think most fitting.


Musical Warm Ups for Primary School Children

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Using Musical Activities to Get Your Class in Gear Effective learning requires enthusiasm, motivation and focus. Unfortunately, there are bound to be times when your class just isn’t feeling it. Morning blues, post-lunch fatigue and pre-home time anticipation can all cause children to become disinterested and irritable. These musical warm ups for primary school children will help engage them mentally and physically, enabling them to concentrate better on the teaching material in hand.